Private Sessions

You deserve to spend meaningful time with yourself each week. Our sessions are more than just a workout or a stretch. It is for your mind and heart as much as it is for your physical body. You can choose between Personal Training and Yoga or Pilates sessions. 

Personal Training helps to reach fitness goals, lose weight, tone up, sculpt targeted muscles, gain strength, improve range of motion, improve mood, increase energy. Personal Training includes complementary Nutrition Consultation.

Yoga sessions are tailored to your requests and draw influence from the following styles: VINYASA YOGA (active, warming, sweaty), HATHA YOGA (emphasizes a balance of postural alignment and breathing techniques to stretch and strengthen your body, calming the nervous system). ADAPTIVE/CHAIR YOGA (adapted for injuries, disabilities, beginners). Yoga helps to release stress, gain flexibility, improve balance, reduce pain, promote better sleep, improve mood, increase energy.

Pilates helps to strengthen the core muscles: abdominal muscles, pelvic floor muscles, back muscles, glutes and thighs, while improving flexibility and range of motion.

You can choose to book private session:

♥To lose weight

♥ To build muscles 

♥ To tone up

♥ To get back in shape

♥ To feel healthier

♥ To improve your confidence 

♥ To improve your flexibility and wellbeing

♥ To reduce pain

♥ As self care, for relaxation

*You can share you private session with a friend or a partner. 

*Yoga sessions can be done at client's residence (Richmond only).

For more information and to schedule introductory session please contact Avital by email: or call 604-551-8564